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More Than Just Bugs
Chris Gerono, Head Guide at Idaho Angler Flyshop

October 8, 7 p.m. Zoom Meeting

Tim Flagler

This month we feature Tim Flagler, who will discuss how to get started by converting a standard trout rod into a functional euronymphing setup and the multiple steps that can be taken after that to produce an advanced outfit. The presentation will cover not only equipment but flies and on stream techniques and strategies.

Tim and his wife Joan produce flyfishing instructional and travel programs as Tightline Productions. They are also known for the fly tying videos presented on their YouTube channel. His channel has over 85,000 subscribers and 24 million views.

Tim is a fixture at the flyfishing shows around the country, giving presentations, tying flies, teaching classes and often is the Featured Tier at the event. He also guides on his home waters and is the host of annual trips to Montana and Patagonia so I’m hoping that you will all tune in for a wonderful program delivered by one of the best in the business.

Tim will join us via Zoom webconference. Members will receive a link to the meeting a few hours prior to meeting time. For details on how to join, please review our November newsletter.

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